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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Facebook Faux Pas

As some of you will know, my Facebook page contains many references to Jade and PWS. I also have a feeder page, specifically for PWS. 
A simple, inoffensive post regarding some of the difficult traits has been reported to Facebook and in turn, Facebook deemed it worthy of removal and a ban for me. 
Despite many emails to Facebook  no answer was forthcoming and the only explanation I was given was that the post violated their rules. 
I waited for the 12 hours to pass and I re-posted the same paragraph, with a little extra! The following is the exact post

I am reposting...lets see if I get reported and banned again!
For those that do not fully understand the complexities of PWS. The following is just a very small part of a complicated syndrome. 
Anger is a huge part, repetitive actions a huge part, obsessiveness and the inability to 'let things go' a massive part and when dismissed or rejected, the sadness and depression is something 'normal people' will thankfully, never experience. 
These are some of the emotions that my darling daughter deals with each and every one of them, on a daily basis. I do not expect anyone to understand how difficult it can be for Jade but I do expect people to respect that she is 'different' mentally, no matter how normal she may appear. PWS is a horrible syndrome and Jade deals with it in her own way, clearly far more grown up and brave than those that chose to report and ban!

Unbelievably, I awoke this morning to find I have been banned again for the exact same post! 
My question is this -

Who finds PWS and its complexities so distasteful they feel they need to report it?

Clearly whoever follows up the 'reporting' should not be working in that particular position, as try as I might, I cannot find anything wrong with the highlighted, original posting, thus, this particular person is not reading the posts before they deem them unsuitable and against Facebook policy!

I have tried to contact Facebook, have sent hundreds of emails and no response at all. I shall now make it my business to raise this'wrongdoing' as far as I can.

Someone out there needs to grow up or at least stop reporting things in secret. Man up and come forward so you can explain to me exactly what it is you find so offensive!